How to extract the aloe vera gel

There is a specific way to extract the gel to ensure that you don’t lose all the active elements and the benefits they bring. This simple procedure will allow you to extract the gel then use it topically, consume it and even store it for future use.


When you are ready to harvest the gel of your Aloe, choose a thick, healthy leaf located near the bottom of the plant. To remove the sheet, cut at an angle close to the base of the plant. It should come out easily and have a white base. Be careful because the aloe vera leaf contains several spikes along its length.


Following a thorough wash, place the leaf of the Aloe on a flat surface of a chopping board. Carefully, using a sharp knife, cut the tip of the leaf as well as the white base of the leaf. You can apply the gel found in those 2 pieces of the leaf as to not waste any gel. The reason for cutting those 2 pieces is to facilitate the extraction of the inner gel. 


For this step you will have to slice off the sharp spikes located on both sides of the leaf. Make sure to cut both sides of the leaf while cutting from one end to the other.


Now, with your knife, you will need to peel off the main epiderm/outer skin from both sides of the leaf.

With one side removed, you are now ready to slice off the other part. 


You'll gradually be holding the solid and semi liquid gel of the aloe vera (viscous) that contains the healthy properties.


The gel is now all yours!! You can cut it up in pieces and use the portion you need if you, for example, plan on adding some gel to your smoothie, and store the rest for later use.


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with a health practitioner prior to use.
If you have diabetes, consult with a health care practitioner prior to use.

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